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The Hunts

Goose Hunts

The majority of our hunting is in peanut, milo, and wheat fields within easy reach of Lubbock. There is a lack of hunting pressure here that you won't see in other areas of Texas--that's why the hunting is consistent even to the end of the season.

Blackfoot uses qualified guides which greatly increase your chances for a successful and memorable hunt. Our hunting is done over silhouettes and full bodies with the hunt lasting until noon or limits are reached.

We use padded chairs to keep you comfortable and "shaggie" blankets to keep you hidden.

If you want to shoot a greater Canada goose, Lubbock is your best bet in Texas. The shooting is spectacular!

Sandhill Hunts

Sandhill crane hunts take place in the same type agricultural fields as geese. There is something to say about the giant prehistoric birds falling into the decoys. The Lubbock area provides the largest concentration of wintering Sandhills in the USA. Between 250,000-500,000 sandhills call this part of West Texas home in the fall. We hunt nearly exclusively with Deception Decoys and Stuffers. The weather, amount of cover and other factors will determine how we hide from these weary birds. We use either layout chairs and ghilles and or A-Frames and tumbleweeds to provide up close decoying action. Its best to let us decide the HOW for each hunt.


For more information on the ultimate hunting experience, please contact us!

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