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Dove / Pigeon Shoots

City Pigeon Shoots

Our shoots are conducted inside and on the edge of the Lubbock city limits. This hunt is great for the young hunter, women and couples, and people who want to train their dogs. This is a fun and relaxed high volume shoot.
  • No bag limits
  • No seasons
  • Unplugged guns
  • Baited areas
  • Pigeon decoys and mojos are used
  • Shooting out of blinds
  • Cold drinks are included
  • Minimum of 6 shooters maximum of 10
  • Shoots start at 8 am and last until 12pm
Pigeon Pricing:
Saturday Morning hunt, $200 per person
Saturday Morning and afternoon $250 per person
Saturday Morning and Afternoon, Sunday Morning $300 per person

Dove Hunts

Dove hunts will be conducted on sunflower, milo, and combined wheat fields within 30 minutes of Lubbock. Hunters are shooting mourning, whitewing, and whitecollared doves. We will have two sets of hunts. Regular hunt is $75 and includes hunt only. Upgraded hunt is $85 and includes a field BBQ pit lunch (brisket, sausage, and the fixings), drinks, and hunt. We will offer our hunters morning and afternoon hunts. Afternoon shoots during December for the second split are $60.

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