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Goose season usually starts the beginning of November and lasts until the middle of February. The limit is five (5) dark geese of which one (1) may be a whitefront (speckle belly) and twenty (20) snow geese.

Duck season starts the middle of October and runs until the middle of January. The limit is six (6) ducks.

Crane season starts the middle of November and runs until the middle of February. The limit is three (3) cranes. A free permit is required to hunt sandhill cranes, which can be obtained when you purchase your hunting license. Even if you are just going to goose hunt with us, please bring your permit because sandhills are "Bonuses" regularly taken while goose hunting.

Dates for New Season Coming Soon

GOOSE: Oct. 28-Feb. 10
Limit: 5 Darks, 20 Whites
DUCKS: Oct. 13-Jan. 13
Limit: 6 Ducks
CRANES: Nov. 10-Feb. 10
Limit: 3 Cranes

For more information on the ultimate hunting experience, please contact us!

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